our story

in 2014, dan and peter chekijian, the twins of the twin forks, began brewing and distributing their debut and signature beer — chromatic ale. it was crafted and named with a nod to their musical background and resounded from their hometown of riverhead and throughout the east end of long island, new york.

as 2018 comes to a close, pete and dan have added the crescendo ipa, the sonata ale-lager, and the legato stout to their beer lineup. they have self-distributed their beer from montauk to manhattan, up through hudson valley and to the catskills. as the twins and their staff further their imprint on the new york craft beer scene, they’re also planting their flagship brewery and tasting room where it all began. at 807 raynor avenue in riverhead, right at the gateway to east end tourism, they’ve broken ground on a 2.1 acre facility slated to open in 2019.

dan and pete are the identical twin sons who take their influence from their father, an organic chemist and a classical pianist, trained from a teacher that was a student of franz liszt — and are further influenced by the work ethic instilled by their mother. they are poised to complete this first cycle. they’ve gone from a home brew club, to pete taking an internship at the long ireland brewery, to putting thousands of miles on their delivery trucks, all to come back home. While riverhead is where the long island forks separate, it’s also where they all return.